Audemars Piguet RoyalOak Offshore Automatic Tourbillon

In 1993, Audemars Piguet rolled out the Royal Oak Offshore. Born in 1972, the classic octagonal Royal Oak provide a strong foundation for the design on Royal Oak Offshore. The super big case represents its solidness, brave innovation and excellent performance. The strong stainless steel can resist interfere from magnetism; crown, button and screws that are coated with rubber and protection bridge that could protect watch from water.

Calibre 2897 is completely developed by Audemars Piguet and the latest technologies are applied to it while at the same time it inherits Audemars Piguet 140 years of fine traditions. Arc shape on the side of protection bridge, S-shaped connective leverage and jagged column wheels, etc, all those small details expresses Audemars Piguet’s achievement. What’s more, Audemars Piguet is rare brands that could apply so many high-end skills into it, including hand chamfering, mirror polishing, etc. All the skills require small and exquisite details which take up 30 percent in the whole watch making. Those works could cost hundreds of hours to finish. When everything is tested and clean, they will be put together and embedded into Royal Oak Offshore case.

Tourbillon-The most Charming Components
In the long run, Tourbillon has been regarded as the top in the watch making field, although it comes to exist in 18th century. So far, there are only a few brands that are capable of making tourbillon on its own. As one those capable brands, Pigeut has launched 16 tourbillons. In 1986, it became the first brand that is capable of making ultra-thin tourbillon. Tourbillon is designed to resist the influence coming from earth and it consists of escapement and a small, self-rotating frame so that the hairspring can work in a precise way. In order to assemble a tourbillon, it would take 3 days to put t85 components together.

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