Good appearance – One of the important factor for the high price of vintage Rolex

The appearance of the vintage Rolex watch always is acceptable, without being to damaged or too old, which mainly thank to the Rolex Oyster design lock bottom and the lock button, as they make the waterproof performance of the Rolex watch better than other none oyster design. It is known to all that the water is the largest natural enemy of the vintage watches, as when the water enter into the vintage watch, the watch dial, watch pointer and watch movement all will appear problem, such as the Omega vintage Constellation watches need to design new watch dial because the watch dial go mouldy after entering the water. The vintage Rolex watch rarely meet such kind of problem, and the movement also is basically shinning and dazzling, without too much rustiness. The watch fans pay attention to the original design when buying the watches, and they will ignore the watches with the redesigned watch face and watch dial. It is because its water proofing property is good, the chance of the parts being bad is less, and the original degree will be high, in addition, it is commonly seen the Rolex watches in the market, rolex company after-sales is well done, so there will be less problems caused by parts with non-genuine alternatives.

For the Rolex datejust watch, the difference of the ref. 1601, ref. 1600 and ref. 1503 are as follows: the former two watches are 36mm in diameter, the latter is 34.5mm in diameter, in addition, the Day-Date ref. 1803, manual 6694, Submariner 1680, 1665, 5513 and GMT Master 1675 etc. all are the high-cost vintage Rolex watches. But the special dial watches are not included, and the special dial watches usually several times expensive than that of the normal watches, and some other special Rolex watches, pricing Two hundred thousand, four hundred thousand or even several million in the auction.

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