Jo Siffert and Coolest TAG Tag Heuer F1

“24th October 1971, Sunday. Just another day in the office. I turned on the radio for news and I stood here and stunned”, recalled Jack Tag Heuer whose friend, Jo Siffert, suffer from a bloody car accident on the Brands Hatch trail, Seppi (a dear nickname for Jo Siffert), after the suspension cracked, failed to get out the burning car, and then tragedy comes. This accident took his life and people began realized and paid more attention to the security problem in the race car to avoid such suffering. Seppi started an era that athletes gradually become the promotion ambassador and a watch was named after his name.

The reprinted Autavia is similar to the original ones, as you can see the steel strap on the side of the crown, but reprinted edition failed in sales. Actually, the value of reprinted Autavia was underestimated. Although the reprinted one is not in an equal height with the original ones, it still has much popularity in the secondary market. The ivory-white dial which was built by the ArteCad, Tag Heuer subsidiary corporation, became an excellent work in its history. The delicate lug and leather belt become the best combination with the ivory-white dial, giving a fantastic visual feeling. The movement was not the old Chronomatic Calibre 11 anymore, but was more economic and durable.

Neither did Tag Heuer celebrated its Autavia 50th anniversary in 2012, nor did it celebrate Autavia Chronomatic 45th anniversary this year, but shifted focus on Carrera. Ironically, the F1 series, which went through a completely change, reminds us of the 1969 Autavia. Maybe Seppi will be glad to see this happen, but fans are still caring about the birth of new Autavia. Just take time to buy a suitable replica Tag Heuer watch among all kinds of series including Tag Heuer Carrera, Tag Heuer Link, Tag Heuer Monaco etc.

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