Patek philippe Aquanaut series 5167 Watch – Your Choice for Luxury Brand

Omega’s popularity at home, is second only to rolex Swiss watch brand. Omega wrist watch brand was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, omega marks the tabulation of glorious achievements in history, and the envy of their peers. Omega wrist watch brand has a history of more than 160 years, always carry forward the pioneering spirit. Omega wrist watch not only accompanied the astronaut mission to the moon for six times; became the first professional wrist watch for divers; it is a good choice for many people who are looking for middle end watches. But today we are to recommend one high end watch in the follows:

Patek philippe Aquanaut series 5167 a as a non functional wrist watch, its function is not many, but every function is very practical, but also has superior performance guarantee. At 3 o ‘clock position on the dial, it is the date display window, which can display the date of the month, black Arabic numerals on a white background is very clear, which is convenient for people to query time. Crown is the stainless steel screw-plug type, and the screw-plug crown waterproof properties is relatively good, built on the basis of good performance of synthetic, also to avoid the possible time error caused by the accident pulling of the watch button. Time display is accomplished by the classic three needles, this design makes the wrist watch walking time have the lasting precision, the insufficient power significantly reduce the influence of walking time, at the same time the design to a certain extent sets off the atmospheric men’s style of wrist watch. At the same time, the watch waterproof can achieve 120 meters deep, this is in the middle of the non-professional diving watches is very good, not only can meet the needs of the shower, in our daily life in the rain, more can finish the sports such as swimming and snorkeling, providing more convenience for our life.

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