How to play Aeris in Final Fantasy XV.

How to play Aeris in Final Fantasy XV.

Aeris comes from the English word “EARTH” which is an abbreviation for Aeris. This implies that she guards our fate.

A girl of the ordinary but she’s more beautiful than an angel or a goddess Ready To Ship Cosplay ..a girl wearing an emerald dress, with maroon curls has become an image that people love to look at. Aeris is a tragic girl who has lost her parents as well as her first love. But her smile always heals. She saved her fellow travelers several times on her short journey and eventually gave up her life in order to save the world Legends Of Tomorrow Costume .. sweet and peaceful, perfectly blended in Aeris, making people comfortable and not boring.

Aeris is an old species with an extremely difficult time in her life. Because of her unique status the fact that her father was murdered, her mother and her were taken away from her home to perform human experiments. Her mother finally gave up her life to get her out of the den and she was screaming throughout her life. She was adopted. But this painful experience helped her grow up. The ability of ancient species has made her look beyond death and life she no longer mourns the loss of her tragic parents, no longer hates the one who has killed tragedy. She’s more concerned about the fate of humanity.

Aeris has been able to hide her true self. Aeris is happier and more active when she’s with her close friends. Because she believes that few people can understand her, she has kept her private life a secret. No one can predict the future of our planet. Only she is able to see the dangers that face the planet. She guides her friends on a quest to alter fate and battle the evil forces from the ancient times. The Ancient Species Temple and the Sleeping Forest, the Forgetting Capital, the fighting ability of her team has greatly upgraded, however, she is gradually walking on the other side of death.

Aeris is both awake and sad. Her sobriety is the reason for her to grieve. She can’t comprehend the love she has for her, because her loving heart is always concerned for the safety of our planet.

Aeris is both funny and mature. She is able to use a humorous language to gently encourage and soothe the person. This is her signature gentleness.

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