PUBG Costume Guide

PUBG Costume Guide

PUBG is a tactical , competitive shooting sandbox game created by Blue Hole.In this game, players have to find various resources on the map of the game and battle against other players in the ever-shrinking security zone to survive to the end.In addition to taking home the G-STAR’s top award for presidential honors along with five other awards the game PUGB also broke seven Guinness records.On August 9, 2018,PUBG officially announced that it will open “100-day game” and conduct an internal examination for several months in order to give players a better game experience Honkai: Star Rail Costume By November, more than two million accounts. It was also frozen. The game debuted on the PS4 platform on December 7, 2018.


Each player is limited to one character for free in the game if there is no role available on the server. By default, the character creation screen appears and guides the player to choose the name and appearance of their character.

The character can be altered by the player so that they can have different hairstyles, genders, and even an outfit Game Of Thrones Cosplay There are nine different genders and hair styles, and six types of hair colors. The character’s characteristics regardless of the variety they create, are the same regardless of type. They are not able to be altered or improved. The style and appearance can be altered by spending some in-game currency.


This costume has two belts, each with a lot of loops. It also comes with a pouch. It’s possible to airbrush the costume to give it a grunge and get some more realism.That is not just useful but also very cool.

The gloves are very comfortable. It’s definitely worth the money. It is extremely comfortable and will protect your hands.

Then is the helmet,it is best thing iv bought for cosplaying!Strengthened the effect of cospaly.And the hip bag is excellent as a your side kick fishing bag!You have both hands free, but needed lures and gear are just a reach away.

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The PUBG PLAYERUNKNOWN’S COMPMAND Cosplay Costume Coat Shirt and Pants Scarf Gloves Set

A player is allowed to have only one free character in the game even if there isn’t a role on the server. The character creation screen opens that allows the player to select the name and the appearance of their character.

You can change the gender, hairstyle, or even the costume of your character. There are nine kinds of genders and hair styles, and six types of hair colors. Whatever characters a player can create the characteristics are the same, and the characters can’t be upgraded or changed. The appearance and the feel can be reset by spending the appropriate amount of game currency.


What a so cool cospaly costume.You will see that the costume contains: Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Scarf, Gloves, Belt, Leggings*6.Are they perfect?I guess you’ll answer yes.The coat as well as the belt and shirt are all black. The pant is blue, the scarf is red.You can imagine that all the fabrics are paired with the accessories.That is just so awesome and beautiful!

The quality of the cospaly costume is top-quality. It is made out of Jean, Composite leather, Satin. It has a smooth texture. Therefore, it’s extremely comfortable to wear, and the perfect dimension, it’s perfect.

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The PUBG PLAYERUNKNOWN’S COSplay Costume Female Suit Skirt and Shirt Set

If the role is not available, the user can only play only one character. The default character creation panel appears, guiding the player to create the name, appearance and description of the character.

You can change the gender, hairstyle or even the costume of your character. There are nine genders and six kinds of hairstyles. The character’s characteristics regardless of the number they are, are identical regardless of type. They cannot be changed or upgraded. The look and feel can be changed by spending an amount of in-game currency.


This cosplay costume was perfect.

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