Chaos Dragon Cosplay Guide

Chaos Dragon Cosplay Guide

The story takes place 3015 in Huanli The Year of Dazzling. Due to constant war D’natia (or Koran) and two different countries are causing world’s destruction. Nil Kamui is an island country that lost its independence amid the chaos. Red Dragon, Nil Kamui’s God of protection, has lost control The Incredibles Costume

The top officials of three countries created a unit called “mixed investiga team”. They will bear the fate for the nation of islands.

Many people love anime adaptations of games. Let’s review these roles together.


His hair is short and his overall look is mostly white and red.

A sweet boy who takes care for the kids at the orphanage run by Neil Camsey, the island nation Overwatch Cosplay

Neil Kamsay once ruled Neil Kamsay’s “Huang Dynasty”.

This is the reason the man was made “child of contract” with Neil Kamui’s guardian dragon “Red Dragon”.

He was granted the ability to kill the enemy with the cost of his friend’s soul, but he did not want to possess…


A girl belonging to the revolutionary army of Neil Camsay’s independence.Responsible for the guard of Neil Kamyi’s royal family.

This cute little girl dressed in an all-black dress.

Two “contact” races that are connected to the monster in an way that is unique. They live with the giant canine-like monster Val, which is damaged through both its eyes.

Before the meeting with the Revolutionary Army, live a life as the beast you are.


It has lost its eyes and has become a gigantic with bat wings and a giant dog-like form.

Thanks to a unique connection, I am able to share my life with Eiha.

It permits Eiha to rest on his back, and then fly into the air, and it also allows him to be an excellent role as a formidable opponent.

It utilizes a massive minion as a weapon that can destroy the enemy.

Eiha placed flowers and a cloth over the eye injury.

Swallow Cratsvalley

He is the fallen patriarch of Donatiya’s military country. Also, he is the teen knight of “Black Dragon Knights”, that is the strongest corps in the nation.

He was born with a curse which would crush any object in his hands. He was sentenced to prison at a young age.

The item will be destroyed by the usage of the item and Mashiro will take it in his hand during the time of eating.

Mashiro Sagura:

Swallow’s slave is a lady wearing an elegant, long skirt.

Instead of degrading the objects used,Swallow, who has the curse of “crushing” utilizes props in order to improve his life, but when he fails to swear her, she’ll counter with brutal words.

In addition she is also the director of the Chabett Chamber of Commerce, managing the property of the Cratsvalley family.

Lou Zhenhua:

Monks with arms who are associated to the religious organization “Eight Claws”

Qisha Tianling, which is the Highest of The Highest It is used to acquire the will and the sword which will saturate a person’s soul.

The name of the assassin that buried various targets throughout the dark realm is not known.

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